"I had the pleasure of working with Robyn for more than two years.

Robyn's diligence, punctuality and attention to technical and aesthetic details sets her work apart from many visual designers I've worked with over the years.  Robyn's design sense,  and technical mastery manifest themselves in strong solutions that are strikingly clean, modern and clear.

Robyn is keenly intelligent, thoughtful, extraordinarily organized and (most-importantly) drama-free.  Her willingness to roll up her sleeves and learn new things made her the "go to" person for challenging assignments that require a thoughtful approach. I have never known Robyn to slip a deadline. When she gives you a delivery date, you can consider it done.

Robyn is a pleasure to work with and well-liked by her teammates.  She consistently demonstrated the kind of quiet leadership and professionalism that all companies value.  She contributes to a supportive team culture by organizing and participating in company-wide events, including happy hours, sports leagues and anchoring the design department's champion "Quiz Bowl" team .  Robyn is the type of colleague that makes work a better place.

I would not hesitate to hire or work with her in the future."

- Trip O'Dell, Senior User Experience Lead, Audible


"I've heard it said that art directors can't draw and designers can't think. Robyn is the exception--she can do both. She could probably write a headline better than some copywriters. Robyn is very smart. You could take my word for it, meet her in person, or watch her dominate Quiz Bowl. She also has a strong work ethic and keeps a professional balance when the going gets rough. I'd work with Robyn again any day, on any project. Yes, she's that good." 

- John Armstrong, Senior Copywriter, Global Thinking


"Robyn is an outstanding designer who brings a level critical thinking and attention to detail I don't often see. She'd be a great asset to just about any team I can think of. She has my highest recommendation."

- Greg Hill, Sr. Manager, Creative Communications, Audible


"Robyn has consistently delivered high quality, creative projects with remarkable speed and service.   She has worked on a variety of projects for me -  invitations,  posters, websites and other collateral and impresses me every time with her work and enthusiasm."

- Mary DeMers,  Senior Communications Manager,  Syngenta


"Robyn is easily one of the most diligent and hard-working individuals that I know.  Her enthusiasm is inspirational, and her knack for developing innovative solutions to challenging problems continues to impress me time and time again."

- Chris Howard, Corporate Counsel, Syngenta


"Robyn is a true pleasure to work with. She is enthusiastic, friendly and fast! She has provided valuable insight in addition to great design. She has a good attitude and was a great addition to our team."

- Will Clarke, Owner, Clarke Web Designs